Navy SEAL Foundation
Noveske Naval Special Warfare Edition Raffle

Congratulations to Christian G, from Angier, NC on winning the Noveske carbine to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. Christian's ticket, # 331478, was drawn as the random winner for this event.

There are a number of phrases which are so cliché, people in the firearms world actually cringe when they’re used in conversation or in print. The word “unique” and the phrase “one of a kind” usually leap to mind as two of the most misapplied words or phrases in the shooting and firearm collecting world. In this instance however, both of these descriptions are absolutely appropriate for the subject rifle at hand. Guns for a Cause is proud to host this fundraiser to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation, and we think you’ll agree that the phrase “one of a kind” is wholly inadequate to describe this exceptional prize package.

There have been 78 of these Naval Special Warfare Edition rifles built, and are individually numbered, representing the SEALs, SWCC, Multi-Purpose Canine, and NSW support personnel who have been killed during the Global War on Terror, Operation: Enduring Freedom, Operation: Iraqi Freedom, and numerous un-named and undisclosed operations throughout the world since 9/11/01. The rifles are numbered “X of 77”, (from 1-77) and include a certificate of authenticity from Noveske Rifleworks, certifying that each rifle was properly built at the Noveske factory to the exacting specifications of John Noveske, and the SEALs who designed it.

Included on each rifle is the “Bone Frog” design, used by SEALs as a less visible representation of Navy SEAL Commandos, than the highly visible and easily recognizable SEAL Trident. Each rifle has the “Bone Frog” etching in a slightly different location, mating the upper receiver to its lower receiver, with no two rifles matching the exact same laser etching location. The 78th rifle is numbered “#0 of 77” in memory of John Noveske, and his unwavering loyalty and endless support to the Naval Special Warfare community.

Unbelievably, 77 out of 78 of these rifles are owned by Navy SEALs, and are an exceptional addition to their personal weapon inventories. #75 was donated for this event by the SEALs who designed it, and is the only one of its kind not owned by a Navy SEAL. This exceptionally rare carbine will be awarded to one lucky winner, but you have to be registered before all available tickets are gone!

Tickets for this fundraiser are only $25 and there will be a strict limit of only 3,000 tickets made available. As usual, bonus tickets are available for orders of 5, 10 and 15 tickets, so you have plenty of opportunities to increase your odds of winning! Our drawing will be held on the 20th of March, 2017 but you don’t want to wait. Be sure to order your tickets now!

This truly is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to add such a rare, and generally unobtainable firearm, to your own personal collection. This carbine is so rare, it would be almost impossible to place a value on it, but one might expect the value to be many thousands, based on the unique nature of this project. Nationwide publicity for this event will be provided in part by the great folks at Ballistic Radio. Be sure to tune them in or download their podcasts.

All proceeds go to supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a multitude of support and services assisting all Naval Special Warfare personnel and their families, as well as the widows and orphans of the men who saw the elephant, but never came home.
Damn few.

“Long Live the Brotherhood”

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