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USMC M45 “Decommissioned” 1911 Fundraising Event

We're sorry, this event is now closed. Please stay tuned, as we will announce the winner soon.

Something unprecedented in the world of 1911 collecting happened over the third weekend of March.

Very quietly, without any press buildup or associated fanfare, a batch of genuine USMC issued handguns was released to the public for sale. In most collectors memories, the last time large batches of GI issued 1911 pistols were made available to the public, teenagers hadn’t yet discovered bell-bottomed jeans, tie-dyed T shirts, or “mod” hairstyles. In other words, it’s probably been more than 50 years.

While we are not in the habit of featuring “used” firearms as the centerpiece of our fundraising events, the opportunity to bring you one of these genuine USMC issued firearms is so unique, we just couldn’t pass it up. Not only were these guns issued, they were deployed in multiple theaters of operation, prior to being “decommissioned” by the USMC. It’s been a very long time since actual “combat issued” 1911 pistols have been made available. We think most collectors of military artifacts will agree this pistol represents a rare opportunity to add a genuine fighting relic to your collection.

When the USMC requested an updated 1911 pistol for their Special Operations detachments, they wanted a couple of specific items, including the capability of mounting a light, as well as a corrosion resistant finish. Colt’s was awarded a contract to provide their Rail Gun, designated the M45 by the USMC, and the original deliveries featured an applied CeraKote finish in desert tan color. Following multiple deployments, the USMC had determined that applied finishes were not up to the additional rigors of working in hostile theaters of combat, so they requested a change to the finish applied to future deliveries.

As part of their contract, Colt’s accepted the return of a large quantity of pistols, in exchange for replacements with the new finish. This returned batch of pistols was “demilled” with the simple laser engraving of an “X” over the standard USMC rollmark on the slide. These handguns are still perfectly functional, and the lasered “X” marks it as genuine. By some estimates, about 750 to 800 of these pistols were made available exclusively to “Gold Members” on the GunBroker.com platform, and the entire availability sold out in approximately 72 hours.

While it wouldn’t be an extremely accurate comparison, some collectors have pointed out that prior to World War II, the Singer Sewing Machine Company only produced 500 pistols for the US Army. The Union Switch & Signal Corp. received a contract to produce 200,000 1911 pistols, but only delivered 55,000 units, before their contract was cancelled due to the end of WW II. These pistols are both considered extremely rare by collectors, and command prices which reflect their scarcity. The M45 pistols from Colt’s promise to be equally scarce. They represent a tremendous opportunity for collectors. Speculation on these pistols will likely create incredible investment opportunities for the fortunate few who were able to acquire one through the original auction process.

Guns for a Cause is pleased to be able to bring you the opportunity to win one of these M45 pistols, one which has very likely been used in the “Global War On Terror,” and is almost certain to increase dramatically in value over the coming years. Some of these pistols are already popping up on the secondary market, for double the original offering price. By this time next year, collector’s pricing on these handguns may exceed $6,000.

The photos you see here are representative of the condition most of these pistols were in when they were returned to Colt’s and subsequently auctioned. This is not the actual prize gun which the winner will receive. Thanks to one of our regular supporters, who has graciously agreed to donate this prize gun, Guns for a Cause is able to bring you this exceptional chance to win a true piece of Marine Corps history.

For only $20 per ticket, one of these M45 pistols could be yours, if your ticket is randomly drawn on the 17th of April. There will be a strict limit of only 2,000 tickets available. Proceeds from this event will benefit Kara’s HoPE, and their ongoing mission to provide assistance to parents of children with Holoprosencephally, a congenital brain anomaly which presents extreme complications and is often terminal in infants and young children.

When you Support Kara’s HoPE, you’re helping provide needed resources for families who are struggling to care for a child with Holoprosencephaly, a congenital brain disorder, which is most often a terminal condition. Please consider contributing so that Kara’s HoPE can continue their mission of helping families with these special infants and children.

Contestants need not be present to win. Entries will be electronically logged and you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your “e-Ticket” number(s). The drawing will be conducted by an independent accounting firm. See Official Drawing Rules for details.

Credit card donations are encrypted. Currently, Guns for a Cause accepts donations through Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Please note: Due to U.S. postal regulations (18 U.S.C. Section 1302), raffle ticket stubs cannot be returned by mail for purchases over the Internet, through the mail or by telephone. When an order is placed, we will add the donor’s information including name, address, e-mail address and phone number, into our database. Each “ticket” will then be assigned a computer generated randomized number. The winning “ticket” shall also be selected by using a random number generator, thus creating a “double blind” selection process. The winner will be notified based on the name and contact information provided by the donor, at the time of the donation.

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