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STI Costa Ludus - 9mm Carry Comp
Fundraising Event

Congratulations to Peter G, from Abiline, KS our winner of the STI "Costa Ludus" 9mm. Peter's ticket, # 335388, was drawn as the random winner for this event.

STI/ Costa Ludus – 9mm Carry Comp Fundraiser

Guns for a Cause and Kara’s HoPE are offering one lucky supporter the chance to win this outstanding example of firearms engineering!

STI has long been recognized as one of the leaders in high-capacity modular pistols. Known for producing everything from match winning competition guns, to pistols which protect homeowners and police officers alike, their reputation for quality and features is well known throughout the industry and the shooting sports realm. Their “Costa Ludus” model is an amalgam of the competition firearm, and the firearm suited for personal protection.

The engineering which goes into this platform was focused on the task of providing a compensated pistol which would allow for fast and accurate follow-up shots, while maintaining a design envelope much smaller than a traditional 5 inch Government Model pattern, with a huge compensator hanging off the nose of the slide. The design of the compensator on this pistol is exceptionally elegant, meshing almost seamlessly with the slide, and gliding back and forth along the support provided by the extended light mounting rail. Reliability has been designed into this pistol from the word “go!” STI engineers absolutely hit this design out of the park!

The “Costa Ludus” model was designed in part with input from world renowned firearms instructor, Chris Costa, and of course it bears the name of his training company. Available student slots in Costa’s classes routinely sell out, because he’s in high demand as an expert instructor. Not only has he been able to translate his experiences into a quality course of instruction, he has consulted with numerous firearm manufacturers to create several unique, yet extremely functional designs. Pistols and rifles bearing the Costa name typically become instant collector’s items.

This pistol is no different in that regard. With a MSRP of nearly $3,700, the “Costa Ludus” pistol from STI is definitely not one you’ll run into every weekend at your local range or shooting club. This outstanding pistol could be yours, if you’re holding the lucky ticket when we draw a winner in just a few short weeks. You can’t win if you don’t enter though, so you shouldn’t wait to jump in!

Tickets for this event are only $20 and just as the production of this STI is limited, we will be limiting the available number of tickets to a total of just 1,500. This drawing will run for just the next few weeks, and will end on Sunday evening, the 19th of March, at 11:00 pm.
The winner will receive this STI pistol, complete with two magazines (high capacity restrictions may apply where required by law.)

California residents are eligible for a cash alternative prize.

The winner will be drawn on the 19th of March, 2017, at 2:00 pm (eastern)

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Contestants need not be present to win. Entries will be electronically logged and you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your “e-Ticket” number(s). The drawing will be conducted by an independent accounting firm. See Official Drawing Rules for details.

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