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CZ P09 Pistol Fundraising Event

* Photos used with permission

Congratulations to our latest winner, Brian C. from Amarillo, TX.
Brian's ticket, # 323058 was drawn as the lucky winner of the Mil-Spec CZ P-09 pistol.

When the Army announced plans to replace the Beretta M9 with a new “Modular Handgun System” back in 2013, speculation ran rampant across the internet as to which company would be selected to replace the “Cold War Era” Beretta. Needless to say, this announcement gathered quite a bit of attention from manufacturers worldwide. Due to the lucrative nature of procuring a potential contract, several manufacturers even produced a limited number of test articles, essentially custom handguns, for submission to the new military trials.

With contracts for nearly half a million pistols on the line, many companies took top of the line pistols, and further modified them to meet the specifications set forth in the informal proposals. The military has delayed publishing the final “Request For Proposal,” but while the Army delays their selection process, these limited-run handguns have gained instant “cult-gun” or collector’s gun status. We are really excited to be able to bring one of these rare collectibles to you, for our latest fundraiser.

Česká Zbrojovka, known as CZ here in the US, is known for producing some of the most accurate, service grade, double action, 9mm pistols on the market today. Behind the 1911 and the Browning Hi-Power, the CZ 75 may be one of the most copied handgun designs available worldwide. The CZ P-09 is the flagship of the company’s polymer pistol line, and the proposed military version of this pistol is the centerpiece of our grand prize package for the month of January.

There are a few things which differentiate the prize pistol from the regular P-09 offerings. First and foremost, the entire pistol is rendered in Flat Dark Earth. The frame is molded in color, and the slide is rendered in a Nitrate finish for corrosion resistance, and the color comes from a top layer of Ion Bond. This is not a “painted” gun, and the finish should be durable for many years of hard use. The fire control system is also “Double-Action Only” to meet the military requirements. The ambidextrous safety levers allow the user to place the weapon on “safe” while holstered, or while being handled. This DAO feature is not part of the regular production options on the standard P-09. This custom P-09 is also equipped with self luminous, tritium night sights. The prize gun is issued with a 19 round magazine, two spare 21 round magazines, and a total of three interchangeable grip straps. We have been told that there are currently no plans to incorporate all of these exact features into the standard production line.

Most important to collectors are the following features. The serial number plate is typically affixed on the forward edge of the dust cover on the P-09. The required US serial number plate is attached, but in addition to the normal identifier, a special military ID plate rides just forward of the right side safety lever. This plate is also imprinted with a “QR” type code for inventory tracking, and the required manufacturer code to meet the military specifications.  But the most important factor for collectors is scarcity. The word from the CZ Custom Shop is that there are likely less than 55 of these 9mm pistols in existence, and not all of them were imported into the United States. That’s a “rare bird” in anyone’s book!

Guns for a Cause is also including an Inforce APL weaponlight, molded in Flat Dark Earth, as part of the grand prize package.

So, for just $10 per ticket, you have the opportunity to win not only one of the world’s best combat 9mm pistols, but you have the opportunity to add an extremely rare (one of 55) and distinctive pistol, to your own personal collection.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Kara’s HoPE. Please consider contributing so that Kara’s HoPE can continue their mission of helping families with terminally ill infants and children.

Event ends at 11pm EST on December 26th, 2016. Drawing to take place on December 27th, 2016.

Contestants need not be present to win. Entries will be electronically logged and you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your “e-Ticket” number(s). The drawing will be conducted by an independent accounting firm. See Official Drawing Rules for details.

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